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Technology Center

Technology Center

The center has a research and development team and professional testing rooms. There are high-temperature alloy pilot production line and advanced domestic and oversea testing and analysis instruments. There are more than 20 people with level II qualification certificates and 6 people with level III qualification certificates in Technology Center, who are capable of physical and chemical inspections (including mechanical tests, chemistry tests, metallographic analysis, etc.) and non-destructive tests (including UT, X-ray, fluorescence detection, etc.), and can carry out various physical and chemical test analysis and non-destructive testing according to national and international test standards, such as ASTM, GE, Nadcap, European EN, and international ISO standards. 

High-temperature alloy pilot production line

Used for pilot test of high temperature alloy materials.

Mechanical testing

Mechanical properties items: high temperature/room temperature tensile test, room temperature/low temperature impact, brinell/rockwell/vickers hardness, high temperature creep and rupture test, etc.;
Process performance items: flaring, flattening, twisting, bending, winding, etc.

Element test

Use various instruments or wet analysis to test the element content of metal materials.

Metallographic analysis

Test and analyze the structure and quality of steel and alloy materials.

Non-destructive testing

Analyze and test the intrinsic and surface defects of various metal materials through ultrasonic flaw detection, fluorescence penetration, X-ray, eddy current detection, color flaw detection, etc.

Dimensional inspection


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