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Special smelting production

Ultra pure special smelting

Provide ultra-pure, high-performance alloys for high-end equipment manufacturing

  • There are more than ten sets of special smelting equipments, including 8000Kg vacuum induction melting furnace, 6000Kg protective atmosphere electroslag remelting furnace, 3000Kg vacuum arc remelting furnace, etc.
  • With melting methods such as vacuum induction melting; vacuum induction primary smelting + electroslag secondary melting; vacuum induction primary smelting + vacuum consumable arc secondary melting; vacuum induction primary smelting + electroslag secondary melting + vacuum consumable arc third melting, ToLand has the capabilities of complete ultra-pure special smelting technology. 
  • Φ80-560mm electrode ingot, Φ125-660mm electroslag ingot, Φ250-508mm consumable ingot can be provided

Process flow

Process flow

Production line and equipments

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