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Product Overview

ToLand Alloy focuses on market segmentation in the industry, adhering to the "professional, precise and special" market differentiation competition model, and forms a production method with high quality, high precision and professional production lines, etc. The main products supplied by ToLand Alloy include casting superalloys and deformed superalloys, special stainless steel and other high-performance alloy materials and their associated products. ToLand Alloy is one of the few domestic enterprises that can produce both deformed high-temperature alloys and cast high-temperature alloys (master alloys, investment castings) products.
With reliable product quality and leading technical strength, the company has accumulated high-quality customer . At the same time, the company continuously improves product quality, optimizes product structure, and actively invests in the research and development of cutting-edge technologies and the process equipments in the industry.  ToLand Alloy also participates in supporting the development of new technologies for our customers, resulting in positive feedbacks and continuously promoting the growth of the company.
Variety tn Superalloy Special stainless steel Nickel base corrosion
resistant alloy
Precision alloy Welding materials High resistance electric
heating alloy
Casting Deforming Casting Deforming
Casting master alloy Φ50~100mm            
Bar Hot-rolled bar Φ8~120mm        
Cold-drawn bar ≤50mm        
Hot-forged bar Φ38~350mm        
Wire Round wire Φ0.2~15mm    
Non-circular wire Negotiation          
Strip Cold-rolled strip 0.15~4×200mm      
Hot-rolled strip 4~22×200mm      
Sheet Cold-rolled sheet 0.5~4×1000×2000mm          
Hot-rolled sheet 4~22×1000×2000mm          
Seamless pipe Φ4~110×0.5~5mm          
Investment casting Max. Pouring weight:650kg            
Casting master alloy
Casting master alloy
ToLand can independently produce casting master alloys and investment casting products. Casting master alloys are a type of high-temperature alloys used in investment casting process. They have high alloying chemical composition ranges and a high service temperature range. Investment castings are the key components used in the hot sections of aeroengines and gas turbines, including large complex thin-walled structural parts such as turbine rear frames, turbine rotating and guide blades, discs, stators, diffusers and so on. The company is one of the few domestic manufacturers that possesses the core technology of high-temperature alloy near-net investment casting. Such products are mainly used in aviation and gas turbine industries.
Deforming superalloy
Deforming superalloy
Deforming superalloy refers to a class of superalloys that can be hot and cold deformed, have good mechanical properties, comprehensive strength and toughness, and have high oxidation resistance. The deformed superalloy produced by ToLand Alloy is mainly used in fields of gas turbine, aircraft, aero engine, petrochemical industries and so on.
Special stainless steel
Special stainless steel
Special stainless steel refers to a series of stainless steel containing high nickel, high chromium and high molybdenum in chemical composition. Compared with ordinary stainless steels, special stainless steel has more excellent high temperature resistance or corrosion resistance. The special stainless steel produced by ToLand Alloy is mainly used in high-end equipment manufacturing fields such as aviation, transportation, shipbuilding.
Nickel base corrosion resistant alloy
Nickel base corrosion resistant alloy
Nickel-based corrosion-resistant alloys generally refer to nickel-based metal materials with strong corrosion resistance. The corrosion-resistant alloys produced by ToLand Alloy are mainly used in the fields of petrochemical, energy, marine and so on.
Precision alloy
Precision alloy
Precision alloys usually refer to functional metals with special physical properties, such as magnetic, electrical, and thermal properties, including magnetic alloys, elastic alloys, and expanded alloys. The precision alloys produced by ToLand Alloy are mainly used in industries such as electronic devices, instruments and so on.
Welding materials
Welding materials
Welding materials are generally refer to materials consumed during welding. ToLand Alloy mainly produces weld wires for argon arc welding and special welding core wire for submerged arc welding. The welding materials produced by ToLand Alloy are mainly used in the fields of petrochemical industry, and so on.
High resistance electric heating alloy
High resistance electric heating alloy
High resistance electric heating alloy is a conductive material used to manufacture resistance elements, which can be used to manufacture heating elements in various resistance heating equipment. The high-resistance electric heating alloys produced by ToLand Alloy are mainly used in electronic components and heating elements of electric heating equipment.
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